Our Story

Welcome to LiveWellGoFar

LiveWellGoFar grew out of a desire to help build the self-confidence of the modern woman. 

What originally started out as a website about fitness, lifestyle, food, and travel, morphed into a place where women could find the advice to live their lives freely and fully through personal development, self-care, and travel with a smattering of lifestyle topics. 

It grew out of a realization that the writer, Alexandra, wanted to empower herself through fear and self-doubt after living through the cycle of it for over a decade. 

She felt like she was never good at anything she did and decided to change that and realized she had a passion for helping other women realize their full potential – whatever that may be.

This site is meant to empower the woman who feels overwhelmed, overworked, underappreciated, and overall defeated and feeling like they have failed and will never succeed. You’re greater than you ever realized. 

Unlock your potential with LiveWellGoFar.

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